Brief History of IRC

International Restoration Church and Ministries was birthed on 04/03/2005 at Timai Bhutanese Refugee Camp, Jhapa Nepal.We conducted Short term Bible School and started Churches in Refugee Camp and Budhabare Jhapa Nepal and in Assam India. We came to United state, Austin Texas on 08/09/2009 and IRC was started on 10/4/2009 with 3 memmbers of our family, John Monger, Tiajungla Pongen and Joshua Monger at Legacy Apartment,1100 Reinli st # 14,Austin, Texas 78723. We gathered at out Apartment cried before God. We were very new in United state and going through very difficult time,We were missing home and missing ministry and Church in Nepal and India. We were spending time in prayer and asking God to show us the way. We started sharing the gospel to our neighbors and friends and after few days Kamal Rai Family accepted Christ.We strated family devotion at his Apartment every night.His family satrted growing in the Lord. After 6 months we moved to Apartment # 118 and we started Sunday worship meeting for 1,and half year. Souls started growing and our apartment room became packed. We started praying for the bigger room and God answered our prayer after 1 year, God provided worship room in Austin Corner Stone Church through Pastor Rick Randal. On 01/09/2011, we moved to Austin Corner stone Church and started our Sunday worship service at room # 219. On the first day of our service at Corner stone Church, 3 people accepted Christ,they were Bishnu Gurung, Amber Magar, and Jai Magar. Praise the Lord. Presently we have 60 + members in IRC. We also registered IRC on 06/03/2011 with Texas Comptroler office.We opened the IRC Bank Account with Bank of America on 07/18/2011. We preach gospel, we teach the Word of God, we pray for people and we help the needy people. We collect offerings and Tithes every Sunday and deposit in the Bank Account. We want to use offerings and Tithes exclusively for the gospel preaching, Church planting Ministries and support for the workers in India, Nepal and Bhutan.We also use for the IRC church expenses and God’s work in United state and use for the gift to give the God’s workers in time to time. Glory to God. May God bless IRC.


IRC, Austin,Tx, Youth started on 08/06/2011,Saterday with 22 total youths at our Legacy Apartment, 1100 Reinli St. I, Pastor John Monger preached the message and prayed for the youths. Khadka Biswa is the Leader of the IRC youth. Radhika Rai is the treasures of Youth. May God bless IRC youth.


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  1. Dr. Bikash Mitra

    I met Brother John first time in Shivmandir, Darjeeling in 2006, through Guddu, one of my close frineds. It was for blood sample collection from Bhutanese people for my PhD work. I still remember those three days in Timai Bhutanese Refugee Camp, Jhapa Nepal with Brother John. It was wonderful memory I had in my life. The spiritual power of Lord Jesus let Brother John to fulfill his dream and Brother John’s devotion for the betterment of the society has become true today. May GOD bless all of us and may GOD give us strength to fight against the hard time.
    All the best Brother John

  2. John,

    Is there anyway I can get your email? I have just moved to Austin and have met a coworker from Nepal who is looking for some sense of community. I would like to tell you more about her.
    Please email me back if you get this.


  3. Michael Padgett

    I had the great privilege of meeting pastor join October 4th. I got to spend the weekend with his people and church, experience the presents of , and the passion these brothers and sisters have for the Lord. Thank you for your love and hospitality, you have forever impacted my life.


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